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Artist Adele Buytenhuys

Artist Adele Buytenhuys

Artist Kathy Leuck

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Back in 2015, Grant Roper, Founder and Executive Director of A Stroke of Patriotism, was thinking about the small, everyday problems that he so often saw in veteran families.  "Yes, there is a lot being done by many wonderful organizations and caring people.  But, the focus is on the big ideas," said Roper. “What about a family with a vehicle not running, an eight-year-old son not being able to get to special education classes, the child who is denied going to camp with her friends,” said Roper. “What about the family falling behind in mortgage payments due to health bills and now facing foreclosure?"

These are not necessarily families in dire need. They are families that simply came on hard times for multiple different reasons and now need a hand up. None of them are looking for a hand out. These are proud, hard-working families with parents doing their best.

Artist Dan Conrad

These are the families that A Stroke of Patriotism is focused on, helping over 60 families to date. "We have sponsored special needs children in therapeutic horse riding, repaired air conditioning units, paid utility bills, repaired vehicles, assisted veterans impacted by severe weather, adopted families over Christmas and much more," said Roper. "The Sandhills community is very giving and proud of the contribution they make to helping these families in times of need."  

In addition to support from across the community, A Stroke of Patriotism has a special bond with many local artists who have graciously donated artwork to support our fundraising efforts. 

Photograph by Vicki Haidet

Samanage Wild Wild Wranglers

Artist Adele Buytenhuys

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A 501(c)(3) Organization