Partnering with A Stroke of Patriotism

My America 2018 Art Contest

A Stroke of Patriotism is partnering with non-profit, member-based artist organizations to support its 2018 art contest, "My America."


The purpose of the partnership is to:

  • Encourage enrollment

  • Share in the fundraising proceeds

  • Use the funds raised in community outreach programs

As background, details of the My America contest can be found here.


Qualifying Partner

An artist league, council or similar member-based, non-profit art organization becomes a qualifying My America Partner (“Qualifying Partner”) when at least ten of its members enter the contest.  It is the responsibility of the Qualifying Partner to inform A Stroke of Patriotism of member entries.


  • Each Qualifying Partner will share in the proceeds from the online voting (DonateToVote) that will take place from June 18, 2018 to July 1, 2018.

  • Each Qualifying Partner will receive 25% of the DonateToVote proceeds produced by the entries of its members.

  • Each Qualifying Partner will also receive 25% of the proceeds from the silent auction sale of paintings entered by its members.

  • The silent auction will be held during the My America event at the Fair Barn in Pinehurst on October 12, 2018.

Qualifying Partner Responsibilities

Each Qualifying Partner will put forth its best efforts to promote My America to its members with the objective of getting as many entries as possible.  Qualifying Partners must provide A Stroke of Patriotism with a list of all names of its members who entered the contest by no later than June 18, 2018 (closing date for entries is June 15).  Note that members do not need to be North Carolina residents.  If less than ten members have entered, no incentives will be paid.

A Stroke of Patriotism Responsibilities

A Stroke of Patriotism will provide promotional material and will be available to answer any questions relative to the contest or the Partner Program.  A Stroke of Patriotism will keep an accurate record of all online voting and silent auction sales and will pay the Qualifying Partner its share by no later than November 10, 2018. (Grant Roper)

P.O. Box 5385, Pinehurst, NC 28370

A 501(c)(3) Organization