Where Does Your Donation Go?

"A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out"

Original Art Donation Program

Beautiful Artwork Proudly Displayed in Veteran's Homes


Where Does Your Donation Go?

Stories from our Veterans

A Veteran Family Working Together

Prancing Horse and A Stroke of Patriotism joined forces to support a local veteran family by providing the opportunity for them to participate in the therapeutic horsemanship program offered at Prancing Horse Farm. Both children are autistic and through the horsemanship program are working on their core strength, overall muscle tone and communication skills. The son began the program reluctant to be near his pony. He now puts on his helmet, pats his pony Scarlett, and asks her to “Walk on.” The daughter has developed better muscle tone and is working on following the teacher’s directions by verbalizing simple commands to her pony, JJ. The parents, who are both 100% disabled veterans, return to the farm on Monday mornings for their lessons in the Prancing Horse Freedom Reins Program. They too are developing better core strength and overall muscle tone. The wife relates that her lesson time is a ‘time of peace.’ All the stress falls away and they can be together in an unconflicted world.

A World War II Hero

This hero was slipping into the forgotten when A Stroke of Patriotism was introduced. His needs were urgent and multiple. The team from A Stroke of Patriotism worked with the VFW of Southern Pines to bring his trailer home up to code and livable.  This included repairs to the trailer, two new air conditioning units, furniture and a washer/dryer. We got him back on his feet and in a much more comfortable home.

A Navy Veteran and his Family

A Navy veteran, honorably discharged after being injured while on duty, was not able to work at his trade to full capacity when he returned home. After fighting through this, he found a job in which he can work at his full potential. But, the change meant a 2-month gap between jobs.  The family consists of an 11 year-old boy, 9 year-old girl and 1 1/2-year old baby boy. Mom had to stop working when the baby was born.

During this interim period and nearing Christmas, the family had problems with their well and air conditioning. They asked for help.  The team from A Stroke of Patriotism had the well repaired and the heat back on in time for a cold December. The team then took the family shopping for Christmas - mainly clothes and shoes for the children. This delightful family are back on their feet, they had a great Christmas and Dad is settled in his new job!

A National Guard Hero

A local hero, who was killed in Afghanistan, was recognized for his bravery with the naming of the National Guard Armory in Southern Pines in his honor. A Stroke of Patriotism learned that some family members could not attend the ceremony due to the cost of travel. We quickly stepped in and funded travel costs to ensure that the Father was able to proudly attend the ceremony.

An Army Veteran Embarks on a Culinary Career

Struggling with PTSD and with assimilating into civilian life, he was determined to not give up on his dream of a culinary career. Enrolled in the Culinary Arts Program at Sandhills Community College and working at Cracker Barrel, he found himself without transportation due to problems with his moped and no means to pay for repairs. The team from A Stroke of Patriotism transported the moped to a repair shop, had the repairs done and ensured it was in excellent running condition. Our hero graduated and is now a proud delicatessen associate at the flagship Harris Teeter in Pinehurst.

Additional Stories

Army veteran with VA disability – SOP paid his past due water bill so he could work on critical house

Navy veteran with VA disability – SOP assisted him with a down payment on a new van.

Navy Veteran with PTSD – After a fire in her apartment complex, SOP assisted her with her with the
relocation process, back rent and a cable bill.

Navy veteran with VA benefits – After having a stroke, he was out of work for six months. His
landlord worked with him but SOP covered a portion of his back rent. He’s back to work and on

Army veteran with VA disability - After multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, he is disabled with
PTSD. His HVAC system was no longer functioning. SOP worked with a vendor to have a new unit

Army veteran – He was ill and out of work for four months. SOP assisted with his overdue mortgage
payment. He’s now back to work and on budget.

Navy veteran - Lost his job and got behind on his rent for the land on which his mobile home is
located. SOP assisted with his back rent and he is now back to work.

Army veteran - She broke her ankle and was out of work for three months. SOP assisted with
back rent and a Duke Energy bill. She is back to work and on budget.

Army veteran - His house, car, and barn were all damaged by Hurricane Florence. SOP assisted with
food for him and his animals. He is back on his feet and waiting for FEMA support.

Air Force veteran – Became ill and was out of work for four months. SOP assisted with back rent.
He’s now back to work and on budget.

Marine veteran – The vehicle he was living in no longer functioned. SOP assisted with temporary
housing. He is now working with the Coalition for Human Care to resolve his housing situation.


Original Art Donation Program

Beautiful Artwork Proudly Displayed in Veteran's Homes

A Stroke of Patriotism is proud of its partnership with artist communities across North Carolina. The generosity of the artists we work with is only surpassed by their creativity and skill. For the past three years our artist partners have donated some stunning work to A Stroke of Patriotism. While many of this artwork is sold in silent auctions, our web store or at various other events, we regularly select pieces to donate to veteran families for them to hang in their homes.

"Look, Daddy's Coat Fits"

 An Original 11" x 14" Oil Painting by artist Judi Bank. Donated to Christian, a Navy veteran and his family.